Hi! My name is Amanda Wilson.
Here's a little about me. 


with over 5 years experience in Management of Design Planning, Business Operations. and Retail Design. I understand how to make a business run like well-oiled machine, excelling at streamlining behind-the-scene business while always understanding the importance of an engaging forward-facing client experience. 

I love finding opportunities as much as implementing new solutions. I geek out over to-do lists, but understand that it isn’t just about ticking the boxes; it’s about creating new boxes that optimize the process. I have a passion for working in a multidisciplinary aspect - to learn from my peers and collaborate across professions. 


Through my previous roles, I have learned to juggle tasks and shift priorities based on needs of the business. In my Visual Merchandising and Store Design roles, I have managed the planning, design and execution of store-wide displays for companies like Restoration Hardware, Enesco and Kirk Market in the Cayman Islands. 

In my current Business and Operations position, I own in-store logistics that maintain a well-performing store to keep customers loyal and satisfied.

Please, feel free to connect with me or @dd me!

Here's my resume; let's chat!